Carbonara Pencil

Designer: BoO Barcelona • Photo: Oriol Gener • Video: BoO Barcelona

Carbonara dispenses with complex parts and mechanisms, works by flexing the carbon fiber.

Carbonara is the first pencil where carbon fiber has a mechanical purpose beyond aesthetics, provided with an innovative system of quick, simple and intuitive placement of the mine.

Carbonara is now on Kickstarter Campaign with more than 100% funded in less
than 24 hours.

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The design of the Carbonara pencil comes from the concept of reverse clamp, by pressing on the carbon cylindrical body, the aluminum tip it separates enough to position the mine, in rest mode the lead remains firmly fixed in the part striated from the tip.

The main feature of the Carbonara pencil, and what makes it possible to develop the innovative grip and grading system of the mine, is the use of carbon fiber as a distinctive material. The lightness and the excellent mechanical properties of the material plus the design of the set, achieves a surprising result, resistant but flexible, light and durable, also with a refined aesthetic.


01_Carbonara_BoO_Barcelona (1)01_Carbonara_BoO_Barcelona (1)


The Carbonara pencil weighs 7.3 grams (0.26 oz) and comes in two finishes: Glossy Silver and Matte Black. The difference lies not only in the color of the tips and the aluminum cap, but also in the carbon body, which can be matt or glossy.